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“I’ve seen that story 500 times now, and I cry every time.  That’s the gift that you gave us . . .  You told the story the right way.  Thank you again.”

— Peter Henderson, Commissioning Pastor for the Bangladesh documentary, “It’s About Love”


“Every time we show our film, people comment about how professional it is and how it gives them a better idea of where we are, what we do, etc. It is a phenomenal tool!!! We personally cannot thank Creative Impact enough!!!”

— Christie Bouthillier, Missionary to Brazil – “Love… Unfiltered”


“We were one of their first projects and the video we received due to their services has opened doors to individuals, new teams and interns, new churches, and got the attention of [church and missions leaders]. Income, available resources and awareness all came our way as a result of the video being widely distributed.”

— Ken Stapleton, Missionary to Czech Republic – “Czech Mates”